Camp Paw 2024 will be held at the “Lewis & Clark” and “York” group sites at the Hellgate Campground from August 15th, 2024 at 5 PM to August 19th at noon. In total these group sites contain 25 individual campsites, and 2 pavillions with picnic tables. Also included are campsites 6-10 for a total of 30 available sites.

Due to restrictions on the Group Use sites, Regular and Sponsor registrations do not include camping! A campsite within Camp Paw's Group Site can be reserved here on this registration page for $48 for all five nights. These campsites are expected to be shared by a few people, and only one person in the group needs to pay the reservation fee. Alternatively, campsites outside of Camp Paw's Group Site are reservable on, also at a cost of $48 for five nights. Finally, one can stay off-site overnight and only attend Camp Paw as day trip(s).

Sleeping or staying overnight outside of a designated campsite is not allowed. Individual campsites within Camp Paw may only have one sleeping unit, such as a single tent, camper, or RV. Note that the campsites within Camp Paw are very close together. While you can reserve a campsite within Camp Paw, you can not pick out an individual campsite in advance; campsites are claimed upon arrival to Camp Paw. The $48 campsite cost only has to be paid by one person in each campsite. For example if there are three people staying in a single campsite and they share the cost equally, then the total cost is $15 (Regular registration) + $48/3 (Campsite cost) = $31 per person.

Camp Paw is an outdoor camping event! You are expected to bring appropriate clothing for the conditions, your own food and cooking equipment, and your own sleeping unit (if staying on-site overnight).

Parking at Camp Paw is limited, please make efforts to carpool and travel efficiently.

Bathrooms, water, and trash service are available. Power is not available, and cell phone coverage may be spotty or non-existent.

Refund policy
Sponsor registration will be open and refundable through July 11th. After July 11th no refunds will be available. Items received as part of Sponsor registration will only be available for pick-up at Camp Paw.

Regular registration will be refundable through August 1st. After August 1st Regular registration will be non-refundable and the price will increase. After August 12th registration will not be available. There will be no on-site registration.

Camping reservations will be refundable through August 1st. After August 1st campsites will not be refundable.
Send refund requests to [email protected].

Age should be 18 or greater as of August 15th, 2024

  • Attendance only.

  • Helps support Camp Paw! Includes T-shirt and another item (TBD).


  • Campsite

    Reserve a campsite within Camp Paw's Group Site.

    $48.00 ea. [Sold Out]

Camp Paw does not provide tents or lodging.

Camp Paw only provides toilets, water, and trash service.

The closest town of Helena is a 20 mile drive.


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